Telecommunications & Technology

In 1985, we founded ATX Telecommunications to opportunistically take advantage of the recent breakup of the Bell Telephone Operating System Long Distance monopoly.  Over the ensuing 15 years we grew this wholly-owned company to over 700 employees and revenue of $160M before selling it in the 2000 tech bubble.  


In 2006, we pivoted our wholly-owned cable TV company, Hotwire Communications, into an industry pioneer leader in IP TV fiber to the home.  At that time, uniquely we were an early provider installing 1 GB capacity to all customers and in 2017, pioneered all new installations to 10 GB of universal real-time bandwidth.  In 2017, PC Magazine named Hotwire as the nation's fastest ISP.  Our advanced internally-developed ecosystem including voice-activated channel selection, cross-device video streaming, 48-hour automatic universal program retrieval, and the highest viewing resolutions available, has fueled our 20% annual growth to become the nation’s 19th largest provider.  


Artificial Intelligence -- In 2013, anticipating a significant growth opportunity, we successfully entered this field, and are serving primarily multi-national corporations. 

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