MK Venture Capital + Public Policy was founded 50 years ago in Philadelphia as a real estate investment and development company.  It has evolved into a $2B family office which creates, grows, and operates various diverse businesses for the purpose of generating profits to fund significant public interest priorities. 


Our largest companies have been in telecommunications and cable television, with our most recent startup in artificial intelligence.  Also significant, are our long-term real estate investments along with funding development, construction and residential lending. 


Forty years ago, we wrote published the public interest jobs directory, "Job in Social Change". In 1997, we founded and continue to operate what has grown into the Belmont Charter Network -- pre-k through high school charter schools serving 1400 students along with a social service organization.  Our goal has been the creation of a replicable model which fully integrates education, mental health, social services, and career preparation in order to break the multi-generational poverty cycle in low-income communities. 


Subsequent projects will include re-imagining our secondary and post-secondary education systems to curtail student debt and enhance career opportunities by better aligning education with jobs.  We will explore models for healthcare cost reform.  Perhaps most significantly is the need to develop the process of voter support which will result in significant environmental preservation and self-sustaining long-term ecosystems. 


We are driven by our activist entrepreneurial passion and decades of successful endeavors in our social change work.  We are willing to challenge the status quo to accomplish needed social changes.

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