Project Assistant to CEO in VC & Philanthropy


MK Venture Capital + Public Policy -- a venture capital ($2 billion) approach to business and social good.   We have extensive history building, and owning rapidly growing diverse businesses.  Our nonprofit created and is operating a $20M / year innovative program to dramatically reduce poverty for the most at-risk families.  

We are looking for a very bright, articulate and dynamic individual(s) with energy and desire to learn and grow in a fast-paced and often changing environment.  Would consider recent college grads as well as seasoned individuals strong in project research and management.  

Our core businesses employ over 1,000 people and are growing at 15% yearly.  They include the ownership and operation of investment grade real estate, telecommunications and cable TV, construction finance and real estate development, and an artificial intelligence business.

Charitable activities include direct operation of pre-K – 12+ schools and social services for 1,400 children of multigenerational poor and at-risk families along with significant political involvement.  We are creating a replicable model to transform education and social services with the goal of creating self-sustaining communities and jobs, and dramatically reducing poverty and incarceration among the most vulnerable families.

We are also actively involved in local and state government and public policy, and serve on various government oversight and economic development agencies.  We are actively creating public policy initiatives to significantly lower costs and improve quality of healthcare with public disclosure.

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